Valencia, Spain
July 12th -16th, 2017

Life, Wellness & Performance Workshops at Valencia Mindfulness Retreat by Rosie and Pauline:

Have you always wanted to visit Valencia in Spain and enjoy this beautiful city boasting with culture, great restaurants and beautiful beaches? Then here’s your opportunity!

Together with my soul-sister Rosie Chahede, we will lead multiple workshops during the period of July 12th to 16th at the Award-winning Bed & Breakfast Valencia Mindfulness Retreat.

The B&B is right in the middle of the city center, yet it’s so homey and tranquil that it actually takes quite some effort to leave in the morning and explore the city!

And the best news? If you book your stay during this period…the workshops are included in your daily rates! On top of that, you can book a one-on-one Life or Performance Coaching session with Rosie or me for a reduced price. First come, first serve…!

With clear desires and intentions, with the release of disempowering beliefs, and with the freedom to move forward, you’ll learn how to align with your passions, purpose, and true desires.
Learn how to build a loving and empowering relationship with yourself (and why this is the foundation of every other relationship you have). Learn to develop a healthier and more reverent relationship with your body, where you’re both accepting of yourself and your body image. And explore the importance of balancing ‘being’ and ‘doing’ and how you can slow down and reconnect with yourself.
Learn the power of pure energy, clean eating 101, and 5 hacks that will change your life. Ditch the diet forever and learn about the healing power of real food as medicine. And gain a balanced perspective of all things health, so you can make real change and create real happiness in your life.
The best performers are the ones who master the fundamentals that can launch them to the next level.
Learn how to maximize your potential.
Learn my favorite tips and tricks to getting more things done… on time!
Understand the core concepts of yoga and learn an easy, daily yoga routine.
  • The daily Workshops will be given in the cozy Living Room at the Valencia Mindfulness Retreat B&B (photo credit BINTI HOME)

  • Stay in the best rated B&B in the city for a rejuvenated getaway (photo credit BINTI HOME)

  • Enjoy Valencia, a beautiful city on the southeastern coast of Spain with art, culture, countless restaurants and…beaches!

    Rosie Chehade-Aiello is a Certified Coach and Mentor, passionate writer and speaker dedicated to transformations from the inside out.
    Rosie works with phenomenal women (and courageous men), to create a life filled with unbridled freedom, limitless living and true authentic happiness.
    She is also the founder of Happiness Lifestyle, an inspiring online space for individuals to nourish themselves, empower their health revolution and transform their lives.

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